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I never intended to own my own business, I was supposed to be a huge rock star. I wanted all the success of Elvis Presley with guitar sounds of Angus Young from AC/DC. Being in an original rock band is really tough.


No one wants to pay to hear songs they’ve never heard. We ended up playing for free more than we were paid. We started selling our own custom printed shirts to pay the bills. When we could not find a supplier who could provide quality at a price where we could earn a reasonable profit, we decided to make our own merchandise.


I went to school for graphic design and video production, so, I had the designing handled. I needed to learn how to take it from a digital screen shot to a garment. After a shit load of trial and error, I was able to create high quality screen prints on my own. We were finally self-sufficient. Then, the band broke up.


I started making shirts for other local bands around the area, then out of state, then some larger businesses and boom…  the rest is history.

Reliable Apparel - Tacoma, WA


VIII Days Clean screenprinting design work
Micro Dungeon logo design
Pierce County Sheriff SWAT logo design
Flying Fish Team logo design


Surplus Ammo T-Shirt design
Surplus Ammo
jogger pants mock
Greater North
Center Collision design mock up
Center Collision
RCC Janitorial T-Shirt design, Reliable Apparel
RCC Janitorial
Louie G's Pizza #12th man T-Shirt design
Louie G's Pizza
Crossing Crusades T-Shirt design, Reliable Apparel
Crossing Crusades